#alphabetalgorithm #pingernailfolish #hashtagpuzzle

Alphabet algorithms=When I was 14, me and my best friend, Christie Whooly, were painting our fingernails one day after school. I said to her, “hand me that pingernail folish”. After we laughed and laughed we starting speaking our own language, like our very own pig Latin. Since then, this goofy way of spelling and pronouncing words has been in my head consistently, always, all the time, never not there. It’s one of those silly little obsessions like most people have…kind of like counting words in a sentence or letters in the words or how many steps it takes to get from point a to point b. We made a really fun game out of it. We knew what we were saying, but no one else did. Our secret language is always in my head. Everyyyyyyy single word that goes in my head is already spelled and rearranged before the actual word is thought or spoken. This includes everything that everyone says, every sign I read, everything I’m about to say, any word and every word about to be said or has been said or has been read, no exclusions. I am also the “human dictionary “ for all who know me well, mostly immediate family. I was spelling at 7th grade level in 2nd grade during some kind of test, maybe IQ not sure, before the lady giving me the test just finally said “ok ok that’s enough”. I’ve always been known to be a little intuitive about things, a pretty good gut feeling about most situations. Other than the few little weird quirks I have, I am me and no one else is me. Don’t think I can be copied. Wouldn’t want to be. Don’t need to be. Cloning is just very very unnatural.

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