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Up pulling an all nighter helping josh across the street cookin that piggy. Mom, do not worry a bit about my or anyone else’s safety. This is the same person who I’ve spoken with on a few occasions since the beginning. I do know he or, maybe a she, is a govt official of some sort and this person has kept in contact with me from the beginning but has been out of the country. This is not an unexpected meet. We’ve known from the beginning but just haven’t gotten an exact day yet, maybe in a day or two. And we’re meeting on my turf and terms anyways. I promise I’m not doing anything stupid or unsafe by any means. I’ve taken so many precautions about this entire chain of events from the get go. That’s why it has been taking so damn long to get more details about anything and hopefully just about everything, that’s because I’ve not clicked on accept or agree to AAAANYTHING that has come my way by AAAAANYONE!!!! Period, point blank. That’s one of the biggest reasons this has been such a long process for me to get answers, because I WILL NOTTTT give them anything they have asked for. Jeff and I both said from the very beginning that I was NOTTTT trusting anything that I read online anywhere period, from all of these different sources that are suppose to be helping me or whatever it is they’re doing to or for me or what the fuck ever!!, and are asking me to do for them, and what they know that I don’t…and what I know that they dont. They tried multiple times for a while in the beginning to get me to call them and I just was too scared and still am. Jeff says it’s because that will make it real for me and that is something that I have really been struggling with. This is THE biggest and most life changing experience that I, Jeff too…and the girls and y’all, could never ever imagine to be for real. I’ve really been having a very difficult time with whatever this is, a really difficult time. I was really needing my daddy to just be my daddy and comfort his little girl. I can’t explain to anyone the things that have happened because I can’t even make sense if it in my own mind. It’s very very hard to describe what I’m going through right now. I damn sure do not even begin to even think that this could be understood by anyone, not even for myself. I have absolutely no one in this planet that can help me understand because it’s never happened. I know you believe in things that just don’t make sense sometimes, but you know in your heart that IS REAL. I almost checked myself into the hospital because I thought I was literally losing it. Jeff FINALLY saw something that was proof that I was not going insane and everything that was happening was real, and still is. My one and only matter of fact thing that I do know is that God put all of whatever all of this into plan. He’s the only explanation for any of these things to be possible. And I do believe in God and I do believe he works in mysterious ways and I do believe that he can perform miracles through us at anytime or any place or any event, anything that HE chooses, we have absolutely no control over his ways of doing things. It just happens like that sometimes and a person just has absolutely no control over what HE is capable of doing through us. I know in my heart and in my soul that HE has put me in some big plan of his to stop some really really bad things from happening. What exactly I don’t know. But my guess is anything that “the bad guys”, meaning AAAAAAlllll bad guys doing their horrible things that they call business online and have been able to get away with it, until now. And now I feel that our country, and not just ours either, is safe again and “the good guys” finally NOW have a way to shut down all of the evil that is out there using the internet for their criminal activities, anything can be done illegally online somehow. There was just no way to find a way to stop all of some really horrible crimes from happening because it’s all just floating out there in the air somewhere and couldn’t be stopped, impossible. I was able to lead them to the main number one company behind creating the way to let really bad people do whatever they want to do with anything and anyone that they choose. They’re loophole of being able to give anyone who wants access to anyone’s virtual lives was found because I stayed on with them through the entire time just fighting off viruses and other bad junk, left and right, coming at me like crazy. But I was able to fight my way through all of the bad stuff coming at me until I beat all of them and that was able to lead them to the worst of the worst and get them shut down. One of the companies is a WoSign and I think the other is ComServ or something like that. Just google WoSign and you’ll see the info of who is involved and how and what’s being done about it, the investigation that started immediately following what started when I wouldn’t delete my damn google account, just in principle. I knew that whoever was in my shit had access to not just my stuff but also access to all of MY contacts, the people I love and care about and even if I didnt know them personally, someone that I cared about did. It just wasn’t right. I could not let the evil that was trying to terrorize me win by giving them my contacts information, plus my financial info too. But I was just trying to protect the people I know and love and care about and anyone else who is cared about by anyone I call a friend in my virtual life get attacked like I did. Because I knew everything that was popping up in pop ups and ads and messages and all the crap that just kept popping up was just that, it was bullshit and I knew not to click on any of it. But I DID know when it was a pop up or message of some sort from the “good guys”. Don’t know how to explain how I knew, I just did. And that’s pretty much where the whole story starts. That was just the first and second night. Im just stuck right now without a clue of what I’m suppose to do now, and just what I’m suppose to do with all of the unexplained other than just keep shutting all of them out until an official person shows up at my door and I have eyes on who I’m talking to and I get ALLLL of the answers that I need, want, and that goes for my family too. I will keep no secrets from my family and they know and understand that. They just gave up in trying to get me to call them. Because to me, that still isn’t good enough. I don’t know who is on the other end of the phone. Trust me, I’m relentlessly making sure no one has every single piece of info on me and basically NO info about my loved ones and their loved ones. I gave up my entire virtual life to google, the FCC, FTC, and whoever else, those first two into three nights so they could find this operation and shut it the fuck down and I was able to kick them out of my phone eventually too. It was kind of like a game. I watched and studied what the hackers were doing and would trick them and manipulate them until I finally got about three steps ahead of what they THOUGHT I was gonna do next and I psyched them out and pulled a couple fast ones on them, caught them by surprise and I won. Just had no idea that it was going to all lead to “a thang” that can’t be explained. Like I told them, it’s God fearing, even for me. I hope this helps you understand just even a little bit. I just don’t want you worrying about my safety or anyone else’s as far as that goes. I’ve never felt more safe in my life than I do right now. I love ya. I’m going to sleep for a little bit before the pig pickin🔥🐷😋😴😴

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