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My oxygen was being cut off to my brain due to pneumonia. I was intabated(?spelling) for 43 hours. I had 3 brushes with the law that day. Of course I don’t remember but a few little pieces of what seemed like a dream. I passed a car in a double line was my first ticket. Then I barely swiped a van and I remember seeing that little scratch or her minivan. (Was sewed for over 30,000) Then I remember two emt’s? Maybe? They said ok you’re good to go, so I left. I almost made it home, like literally next door and was pulled over by the fire truck because apparently… no one told me it was ok to leave. But luckily, by time the police got there, they couldn’t do anything to me because firefighters can’t pull cars over, so luck was still on my side so far. They all thought I was messed up on something. I couldn’t even stand on one foot. I remember saying ,”can you do that?!”😂He said yes mamn and did it for me. Right about that time , my husband pulled through and since I wasn’t behind the wheel once he officer arrived, they couldn’t take me in for anything. THANK GOD they didn’t lock me up. When I got home my husband finally had to call the ambulance and it was just some freaky case of pneumonia that was killing me and I had no signs until I couldn’t breathe and freaked out and yelled at Jeff cause I didn’t know who the hell he was and so on and so on. The emt’s all STILL thought I was OD’ing on something. Jeff was pretty pissed by that time. We got to the hospital and the doctor knew immediately that I had pneumonia. So needless to say, I quit going to planet fitness AND got a brand new car the day I got out of the hospital. Jeff is so good to me. Jeff took care of all the legal stuff for me while I was out in the hospital. And everything just was thrown in the trash by the DA. Two of the officers my husband spoke with afterwards felt just horrible because they felt like they should have been able to tell. They’re suppose to be trained for that too. Everything worked out except for State Farm giving me 4 points even though I didn’t get anything on my license, tickets or anything. I still don’t understand. Last bill was $439 a month. Don’t make no damn good sense to me

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