I’m so so sorry…

I’m so so sorry. Sorry that I’ve been through hell. Sorry that I’ve scared my family. Sorry I’m never gonna be the same. Sorry that I missed the big smith Christmas. Sorry I missed my sweet sweet granddaughters Christmas and birthday sorry I have been so distant from my family and good friends. Sorry for never becoming anywhere rich. Sorry that I’ve put my wonderful through so much hell. I’m just so so sorry for my actions towards anyone that I’ve done any harm. But I’m not sorry for having faith in God and that somehow he will pull me through this. He’s not done with me yet. And I know there is greatness in me…allllllll of us!! And I’m not sorry for worshipping my God. He will get me through this. He will never give me more that I can handle. I have my faith and my will to do whatever has to be done to prove me and the rest of the world that life is good.

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