Why do I stILLL have had no human contact through all this bullshit. It ain’t right to let a person (ME) think that I belong on the 7th floor of Gaston memorial. I might be slightly bipolar but…it all was real and no one will ever convince me other wise. Perception is unique and different to every single person on this blessed world, with way more good people than bad amongst all of us. God wants us to use everything we’ve learned about Him is completely true, even if your worshipping habits are different from others…really really good people with deep down in their hearts and souls are just gooddddd people. Good things happen to good people. My philosophy anyways. Just be kind and love one another. We are all his children. He’s not prejudice at all. I hate saying this, I’m a girl so I think I can…but I feel sorry for the poor white MAN, not woman. They get blamed for everything that happens bad. Just sayin’

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