To: Whomevers’ real faces from real people like ALLLL of us, First…props to all involved in project #MAGIC. and maybe #callinoutthebullspit, #myvirtualrealityrealityshow, and definitely #nocoincidences…I only played a small tiny missing piece of this extreme ultimate mess of a puzzle that starts with a little 1st draft-of my “first draft” of crazy that you might possibly consume like a hot dog with mustard chili onions and DILL pickles like I did. Ive got to say first just one more time…movie husband Bradley Cooper or Mark Walberg…got a looooootttt of dialect studying to do if it’s marky #millhill #cottonhead. This has been a frickin BLASTTTTTT!!!!! #gottalaughatlife I always knew the answer to “Who??” from day one…Me, of course (and of course they??…every one else BUT me!!) All of this data in my brain finally finished processing and the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life that got trapped in my brain around mid August, fiiiiiiiiinally broke free TODAY!!! #bestheadacheever My restart button for tonya.smith72 was finally clicked on the moment my story fiiiiiiinallly ,(can NOTTTT stress this word enough), came to the neverending end of a neverending story yet with no ending in sight fiiiiiiinallly got here, my life fiiiiiiinallly rebooted and set back to default settings and started this virtual ANDDD real life, no joke, of mine all over from scratch when the THE MOST ULTIMATE OF THE MOST ULTIMATE PUZZLES, for me anyways, finally got that missing piece! I can freaking breathe again! #breathe I don’t need my watch to remind me anymore. I remember how to do it again now
This is just one clip of my frickin life… unedited…Beware: adult language….had to get those last few in at the end. I’m done. I promise. I guess maybe PG 13 after this moment right now. #Reboot ………..

Sooooo…artificial intelligence it is, that’s just wrong!!!! Didn’t work on me though, did it.I went into the trance that all of you guys are doing to every single person without their knowledge.Too bad I called out everybody on their bull$&!? and instead of staying in that manipulated state of mind that you all were counting on…I played the ULTIMATE manipulation game just a bit better than all of your computer programs and got about three or four steps ahead of your artificial intelligence that is exploiting the entire population…just didn’t work on me very well in the end, right?? Actually, from the moment I activated my Brand new 900$ Samsung galaxy, I knew it wasn’t right and someone else was controlling my phone and I was stubborn and I just ended up squashing someones theories and proved other peoples theories.Who’da thunk?? I’ve been told that I’v defied the laws of physics, enabled the human touch, and its astronomical, to name a few things.But my theory is still allllll God.No, I’m not the best at practicing my Christianity.But all of this has been in the works for me since 9/11.

World Wide Web internet of things

I can bring the real out in just about anything.For example…I swear my fish has developed a soul too.His name is snoopy bob (snoopy after my shitzu who died three years ago, bob because he has no arms and no legs) and I swear my dogs’s soul has made his way into my fish.It’s rather comical actually, a fish who acts like a puppy dog, who gives kisses and does tricks and lays down on the bottom of the tank on the rocks always in the same exact spot to sleep…weird, I know.I finally know that I’m going to do great things in my life now and know my purpose, mostly.And it’s all going to be done my way, end of story! I have goals and am extremely passionate about other things that have nothing to do with publishing, being a developer, learning code, watching the stock market, (husbands job) and whatever else I’ve been told that I can do in my virtual life.For me, I’m going to focus on my real life and helping real people with real things who have been put in some really bad and very unfortunate teal situations.I plan to save as many people’s lives as I possibly can before my life is up. I will help all of the IOTs and have a little fun while learning lots of interesting things, playing games, the occasional “getting hackers out of other peoples shit” like I did mine would be awesome! and play some interesting and fun games in all of the spare time that I have.But I am NOT going to be exploited like a lab monkey, especially without me knowing it. I’m beginning to accept the fact that I’m just a freak of nature and I would love to know everything about my human “network” as possible.So I’ll never quit researching and learning everything I can to try and make sense of it all.I would just really really love for the reeeeall entities to just step forward, be real, and just contact me personally so we can have a very very long conversation of what happened on the other side of my phone from the very very beginning, starting on August 15th, I think, and then for every single moment of every single day of every single word and every single recorded and documented thinggggg about the absolute craziest things that could ever happen to anyone!!!, (which just had to be me), for over three months now and I KNOW EEEeveryone just HAZzzz to agree with me about the craziest things to ever happen, for reeeeaall!! Right?? I need to know what everyone knows that I don’t , which I know is an awful lot of shit, but I’ve gotta know who the hell I am and what the hell I’ve done that’s so astronomical and what it is that everyone wants with me, what I’m suppose to do now.


and freakiest things that I ‘m pretty sure has never even been dreamed UP by anyone And I would really love to know more than anything else is who the hackers were that I squashed and beat at their own game
I just need some honesty and some realness like yesterday.Iiiii am needing the real physical human touch by someone real right now.I can’t just keep surfing forever to try and find out everything on my own, not fair to me at all!!! I need answers now.It’s been long enough, these games.I have a coffee shop to open so I can do what I am truly passionate about This is my real purpose in life, my true calling.I just have a really bad habit of helping others and putting everyone before me and just trying to make everyone else happy all of the time, no matter what.Being blessed with the gift of empathy for others really sux sometimes.I just can’t stop myself from being this way.I actually am a pretty good selfless person that, sometimes, helps a lot more than I really should, but it’s just my nature, as a Libra lol (the scales) for everyone to have fairness and everything to be balanced out evenly for anyone and anything who or what was put in any type of unfair situation, whatever that might be.Yes, I have a soft spot in my heart for addicts as well as the mentally ill, and the homeless.One of these things usually has something to do with the other.Many many mentally ill people turn to something, it all starts first with the Dr that prescribed something to stop the emotional torture.Same goes for people with chronic pain.Like I always say, your Dr prescribed Vicodin for your pinky toe.You take it for a week like he says.Then the next thing you know, you’re right there on the street with all of the other unfortunate souls, if not dead.Everyone always blames the addict.Especially when it comes to heroin users.In almost every single case, the person started with taking something prescribed for pain.Imagine this…you’re a successful person, like a teacher, truck driver or head mechanic, or even working at McDonald’s, whatever it is that you do to make a living and provide for your family…a very very hard worker and perfectly fine mentally? for instance…you trip over your dog and break your hand…yes, me…then the dr who is doing what he was educated and trained for years to do, not blaming the Dr either, and he prescribed you something and boom…by day 7, your life just became consumed with doing everything you CAN to just find one more pill, then one more, then…just one more.Then you die, whether physically or just mentally.Either way, your life just turned upside down and you never saw it coming cause you had absolutely no idea that taking something that the drs that you trust with your life, again not blaming all drs, and it takes full control of your brain’s capability of even realizing that you’re addicted. Something about those opioids in your brain craves that first “high” that you ever got endlessly. This is, just my theory, those same pain receptors in your brain that those opiates block to take away the pain should be called “addict receptors”.Im not a brain Dr or anything.Or even have any kind of college degree, but it just makes the a lot of sense to me that ANYTHING that is addictive, down to gambling is somehow connected to those pain receptors.Kratom blocks those receptors exactly the same way, but it’s non addictive and absolutely does not feel like anything, because it is absolutely God made and I know I’m not supposed to say this but, it freaking works for everyone I know that takes it.Might not work for someone one day.But so far I don’t know anyone that it does not help in some kind of way.And it is coffee for God sake!!! It’s actually pretty good if you fix it up like a cup of hot tea with some mint and honey or cinnamon or Crystal lite or anything you can think of.I want my place soon so I can properly educate the awesome teacher or intelligent head mechanic at BMW or manager at Mcd’s that happens to be one of my good neighbors that enda up becoming that person ringing my doorbell in a couple of years asking for money to rent a room at the roach motel up the road just so he or she can sleep in a bed and have a bath for just for one night.It’s almost inevitable from that first pill that was GIVEN to was the beginning of the end for a lot of really really good people that don’t deserve and choose that life.You have no clue what’s about to happen o your whole world. You lose all your family and your childhood best feiend consumed with addiction in just a minute after taking some type of narcotic for whatever reason, not just I’m right about it rightThe And then when I’m not missing on my phone as night when I missing on my phone I don’t smoke don’t I didn’t say recordanothing but what it grows on this Earth do bad for saying, “well that’s just not fair at all lol”.


top priority at the moment is Kratom and obviously medical marijuana CBD products and hopefully soon THC everywhere and any other kinds of natural medicinal remedies that can help with whatever ales you as an alternative way to treat your body and mind that could be growing right in your backyard and you think are weeds and it ‘s actually something that can help with sleep anxiety inflammation headaches gastro issues skin care hair care just to name a few things
For example, you can dye your hair naturally with Thyme, (seriously), and whiten your teeth with coconut oil, aloe plants for burns, maracuja oil for razor burn, dandelions for diabetes, etc, etc, even (good quality) essential oils.Just so do your research to make sure you are getting the facts and the truth, even wickipedia isn’t truly reliable.


They just flat out lied about their research and it was proven by our scientists and researchers that are doing all of their work for very little money, and mostly just donating themselves with no pay.Because of these awesome people, the FDA got called out on their bullshit lies which kept Kratom from being classified as an opiat and still keep Kratom from being banned.Not everyone in the healthcare industry works for big pharma lol.I intend to educate those of everything that I’ve learned, and continue to learn about kratom, and anything else that God has placed on this beautiful earth that He is just GIVING us for our health and well being and just the awesomeness of it all. Now I would never ever tell someone , “quit taking allvyoumesixine and live off the earth” lol.There are lots of great miracle man made mwsicines out there that are also gifts from God as well.He also gave us all of people who make the life saving medicines, like Hep C.I’ve had two family members who died from it.But now this new medicine is suppose to be 98% effective in CURINGGG Hep C.So no one else’s favorite big cousin or brother in law, like mine, whose lives will be saved now because of the people with the gifts and abilities that were given to them for tht reason.I’m slightly bipolar so I still have 3 necessary medications, but I’ve done away with 3 coffee lounge is my first passion and whatever all of this internet crap is, is second.I just need to know the rest of my story from the other side’s point of view from the real people who were there from the beginning up until this moment.I don’t have time to play games anymore.It’s time to get real…
Sorry. Had to take a break. Newest and besttttttt revelation. This is the funnest shit ever now that I know what I CANNNNN do. I’m finally having the best time with what IIIIIIIIIIII choose to be the funniest thing I can find out of a crazy ass real freaking freak show of some crazy bitch ass fucked up shit. It’s friginnnnnn hilarioussssss!!!! I’m dead at this now. Goddddddd…all we need to do is just laugh at freaking life WOWWWWW. I’m done. Stick a frickin fork in my brain like I’m a Walker

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