Why have I stILL had no human contact through all of this bullshit. It ain’t right to let a person (ME) think that they belong on the 7th floor of Gaston memorial. I might be slightly bipolar but…it all was real and no one will ever convince me other wise. Perception is unique and different to every single person in this blessed world that some call “Mother Earth” I believe in my heart and soul that there are a hellofa’ lot more good people than bad people amongst all of us put together. God wants us to use everything we’ve learned about Him and from ALLL of our brothers and sisters…believe in all of it with everything you’ve got or don’t believe at all!!, even if your worshipping habits are different from others There are so many more good people, that truly, deep down in their hearts and souls, just gooddddd people. Everyone’s NOTTT all up to something shady. Hell…ain’t we all a little shady. Everyone has flaws. I can’t stress it enough, NO ONE!!!! Is perfect and is exactly the same. The world would be incredibly boring. My perception of things are by no means what everyone else perceives. But the way I see things and just know things, I can’t explain, It’s kind of hard to talk about. And whatever you do never never never let anyone call you crazy!!! If you haven’t noticed yet by now…crazy IZZZZ the new normal Get over yourselves. We’re all weird. Don’t forget to look at the good qualities of your fellow “friends”. We call everybody’ family around my neck of the woods, no matter who’s momma in the neighborhood was allowed to whoop a child…then get home and get your ass tore up by daddy for getting your ass tore up by somebody else. Those were the good ol’ days…now kids these days have no respect for their parents, much less any other adult like a teacher or something. I gotta stay positive or I’ll never make it. Good things happen to good people. My philosophy anyways. Just be kind and love one another. We are all His children. He’s not prejudice at all. I hate saying this, I’m a girl, so I think I can…but I feel sorry for the poor white MAN, They get blamed for everything that happens bad. Just sayin’

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I’m going to try and order some kratom from my guy in Indonesia and figure out how I can get him his money and how he get me the kratom. The FTC has been dousch bags. It’s not illegal but they’re pulling all kinds of strings. This is their excuse…you cannot buy from another country then turn around and sell it here for profit…HAHAHA…I pay them for their services not the kratom and I donate the kratom I receive from them to my friends and family, just asking for a little donation for what I give my guy for it, if you can…if not, whatever, and some of the cost of the packaging I do in those mason jars and the big green mess it makes lol and what I give my friend in Indonesia for his kindness and his services and his partner and the local farmers too. It kinda makes me feel like somewhat of a decent person😇, helping out good hard working people who live in a poverty filled country that we couldn’t even imagine, and they’re willing to do all this hard work by gathering and drying and grinding these mystical coffee tree leaves and packaging and then shipping immediately. Another of the wonders of this world that God put on this earth that only grow in their land and generously sharing a gift with us. They just need enough money to simply provide for their families, not to get rich. They live the simple life too, like me lol. I don’t ask for much. This war on opioids…I tell you what…eats my ass up🤬sorry for the book and my activist rampage of the day. I’ve been stuck in my house with no vehicle with nothing but guys to talk to now that my girls are moved out ☹️

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Is the correct answer….Trump???who almost has the whole world in his hands and needs to be shut down….and I have totally been as blind as a batttttttt??!!

…but he has and is doing more good for the Americans in many many years…

…but is has that been his plans all along

….trump is going to save America. I just cried with the Holy Spirit listening to his speech. I felt the same as I have in church when I’ve become completely overwhelmed with the true Holy Spirit

…Clinton’s, rothcailds, Walton’s,the Perdue family, CEO’s of merck they have everything that belongs to us and have been mass murdering people for years for the trust that was given to us when we were born

Look at this photograph

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Alphabet algorithms=When I was 14, me and my best friend, Christie Whooly, were painting our fingernails one day after school. I said to her, “hand me that pingernail folish”. After we laughed and laughed we starting speaking our own language, like our very own pig Latin. Since then, this goofy way of spelling and pronouncing words has been in my head consistently, always, all the time, never not there. It’s one of those silly little obsessions like most people have…kind of like counting words in a sentence or letters in the words or how many steps it takes to get from point a to point b. We made a really fun game out of it. We knew what we were saying, but no one else did. Our secret language is always in my head. Everyyyyyyy single word that goes in my head is already spelled and rearranged before the actual word is thought or spoken. This includes everything that everyone says, every sign I read, everything I’m about to say, any word and every word about to be said or has been said or has been read, no exclusions. I am also the “human dictionary “ for all who know me well, mostly immediate family. I was spelling at 7th grade level in 2nd grade during some kind of test, maybe IQ not sure, before the lady giving me the test just finally said “ok ok that’s enough”. I’ve always been known to be a little intuitive about things, a pretty good gut feeling about most situations. Other than the few little weird quirks I have, I am me and no one else is me. Don’t think I can be copied. Wouldn’t want to be. Don’t need to be. Cloning is just very very unnatural.

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Where all the drunk dumbasses that get arrested down in Myrtle Beach. They always had to spend the night in jail and wake up early the next morning and go work in a pea farm all day long. Then you they could go home after they’ve done their hard day’s work and are sober with a hangover in the hot summer months…and then they get to go home after working all day. Just ask my husband…